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Air filter, SA11683K
16,92 €

Air filter, SA11683K
16,92 €

Hydraulic filter, SH56660
13,75 €
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Means of payment

You can make the payment for filters purchased from our online shop in a number of ways. This is an undeniable prerequisite of an online shop – its purpose is to facilitate the provision of an excellent and high-quality service to our customers.
Depending on the means of delivery, you can pay for your purchase in the following ways:
  • if you want to transport the goods yourself, you may pay at the shop;
  • you can pay in cash to the courier who delivers the goods;
  • you can make a bank transfer to our account according to the specified requisites.
The delivery term of the order will begin as of the receipt of the transfer payment and the changing of the order status to ‘in process’.
A lucrative discount plan applies to those clients who buy filters wholesale from our online shop. Additionally, we offer bonuses for our longstanding customers.

The delivery price for the purchase depends on the volume of the order, delivery distance, as well as on the necessity of using the services of other transportation companies – this will be calculated separately.

Warranty guarantee

Requirements for the provision of a warranty guarantee
1.General provisions
A warranty guarantee is a purchaser’s right to replace without charge goods that do not conform to the manufacturer’s technical requirements, provided that the non-conformity of the goods has emerged from a manufacturing defect. A purchaser obtains the right for guarantee replacement after entering into a contract of purchase and sale.
2.Warranty guarantee provisions
A six-month warranty guarantee applies to all products, on the condition that:
  • a purchaser can present documents verifying the purchase;
  • the product conforms to the technical specifications of the vehicle;
  • the vehicle is used in a conventional manner and maintained according to the recommendations of the vehicle and device manufacturer;
  • the vehicle has not been subjected to excessive strain during use.
3.Warranty guarantee procedure
1.The purchaser informs the seller of a guarantee case in any convenient to the purchaser.
2.The seller shall review the purchaser’s application for a guarantee replacement within 7 days as of the receipt of the respective notification.
3.In case the seller decides to satisfy the application, the purchaser may return the defective goods to the seller for replacement.

Requirements for returning goods

Requirements for returning and replacing high-quality and defective goods
A purchaser retains the right to return and replace high-quality and defective goods on the condition that the following requirements are observed:

1.the original appearance and composition of the product have been preserved;
2.the package, seal, and other manufacturer’s markings of the product are undamaged and their original appearance has been preserved;
3.the purchaser is able to present financial documentation verifying the purchase.
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